Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Harness racing is racing  with a  horse, sulky and a driver.

Christen me, Terror  to love and Christian Cullen and Blair Orange Mark Jones  and Mark purdon

are all names you might of heard of.  But have you heard of Dexter Dunn?

I am here today to tell you why Dexter Dunn is best driver in New Zealand.

Dexter is the best driver in New Zealand because he is still only learning because he is only 21. Dexter’s dad is  Robert Dunn, he is a trainer and a good driver so Dexter learns a lot from him.

Dexter is the best trainer in New Zealand because all trainers want Dexter to driver their horses!
He works Gran dalgety training  his horses and driving them . The Dalgety  stables have a lot of horses for Dexter to drive many other trainers and  owners  want Dexter to drive their horses meaning Dexter usually has a full race card  and travels all over New  zealand driving.

 Dexter was the youngest junior driver to win 100 races in a season  and the first  junior driver to win $1 million  dollars. He has won over 608 races and only been driving for 5 Years!
That is why he is the best driver in New Zealand Dexter Dunn.

So next time you are watching the races, look out for that name, the best driver new Zealand dexer dunn.

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